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Mathematics is a fundamental skill that forms the backbone of a child's education. Learning maths can sometimes be challenging, especially for lower primary students who are just starting to grasp the basics of addition. To make this learning process more engaging and enjoyable, we've developed a free print-and-play game called "Bump." This exciting game is designed to help young learners practice adding numbers up to 20 in a fun and interactive way.

To get started with Bump, all you need to do is visit our website and click the download button at the bottom of the page. This free printable game can be easily downloaded and printed, making it accessible for parents, teachers, and students alike. Whether you're a teacher looking for a math activity for your classroom or a parent wanting to support your child's math learning at home, Bump is a fantastic choice.

How to Play Bump: Learning Through Fun

Bump is not just a game; it's a valuable educational tool that helps students develop their addition skills while having a blast. Here's how to play:

1. Each player receives six counters, all of the same color. For example, if one player chooses blue counters, the other player(s) must select a different color. These counters will be used to cover up answers on the game board.


2. Players take turns rolling two 10-sided dice. The objective is to add the two numbers rolled together. This is where the addition practice comes into play.


3. Once the sum of the two dice is calculated, the player must find the corresponding answer on the game board and cover it with one of their coloured counters. This encourages the use of the counting-on strategy.


4. Here's where the excitement begins! If a player rolls a number that their opponent has already covered with a counter, they can "bump" their opponent's counter off that spot and replace it with their own. This adds an element of strategy and competition to the game.


5. If a player lands on a number they have already covered with one of their counters, they have the opportunity to put a second counter on top. This spot is now considered "frozen" and cannot be bumped off by any other player.


6. The ultimate goal of the game is to be the first player to use all six of their counters. This player is declared the winner of the game and, in the process, has gained valuable addition skills.

Learning Through Play

Bump is an excellent addition to any lower primary math curriculum. It not only helps students practice addition but also reinforces important mathematical concepts such as counting on, strategic thinking, and number recognition. Plus, it does all this in a fun and engaging way, making math enjoyable for young learners.

Incorporating educational games like Bump into your child's learning routine can have a significant impact on their mathematical development. This free print-and-play game offers a perfect blend of learning and fun, making it a valuable resource for teachers, parents, and students alike. So why wait? Download Bump today and watch your child's math skills soar while having a great time!

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