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Star Pathway

Are you ready to embark on a stellar journey through the realm of addition? Join us as we navigate the celestial pathways of "Star Pathway" – a captivating print-and-play game designed to ignite a passion for math in kindergarten, year 1, and year 2 students. With its engaging gameplay and twinkling stars, "Star Pathway" transforms addition practice into an intergalactic adventure. Let's set course for mathematical discovery and exploration!

What is "Star Pathway"?

"Star Pathway" is an enchanting game aimed at students who are learning about addition. In this cosmic adventure, players traverse starry pathways, answering addition facts along the way to collect shining stars. With each roll of the dice, players embark on a mathematical quest, honing their addition skills while aiming to be the first to collect three radiant stars.

Star Pathway.png

How to Play "Star Pathway"

  1. Setup: Each player selects their own colored counters (e.g., player 1 uses blue counters, player 2 uses red counters). The game board features pathways adorned with numbered circles and sparkling stars.

  2. Gameplay: Players take turns rolling a dice and moving along the pathway according to the number rolled. Upon landing on a circle, the player must answer the addition fact found in that row.

  3. Adding Brilliance: If the player answers the addition fact correctly, they place one of their counters on top of the circle to mark it as theirs.

  4. Claiming Stars: As players progress along the pathway, they strive to cover all the circles in a pathway. The player who covers the last circle in a pathway claims the star at the end and covers it with their counter.

  5. Victory: The first player to collect three stars by covering them with their counters is declared the winner, celebrating their triumph in the galaxy of mathematics!


Learning Objectives

  • Addition Fluency: "Star Pathway" provides students with repeated opportunities to practice addition facts, reinforcing fluency and accuracy in mental math.

  • Strategic Thinking: Players strategize their moves, considering which pathways to pursue and how to maximize their chances of claiming stars.

  • Mathematical Engagement: By incorporating elements of play and competition, "Star Pathway" fosters enthusiasm for math and encourages active participation in learning.


Key Benefits of "Star Pathway"

  • Engagement: The celestial theme and interactive gameplay captivate students' interest, motivating them to actively participate in mathematical challenges.

  • Skill Development: Through gameplay, students enhance their addition skills, mental agility, and strategic thinking abilities in a dynamic and enjoyable setting.

  • Social Interaction: "Star Pathway" promotes social interaction and collaboration as players engage in friendly competition and support one another in their mathematical endeavors.


Embark on Your Mathematical Voyage

Ready to embark on a cosmic adventure of addition exploration? Click the button below to download your free copy of "Star Pathway" from Smart Boarding School and launch your students into the realms of mathematical discovery and excitement!

At Smart Boarding School, we're committed to providing educators with innovative resources that inspire learning and empower students to reach for the stars. Join us in celebrating the wonders of mathematics with "Star Pathway."

Let's journey among the stars and illuminate the universe of knowledge together!

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