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One More, One Less

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting mathematical journey that will sharpen your addition and subtraction skills? Introducing the "One More, One Less" game, a thrilling print and play activity designed for students in kindergarten through grade 2. Get ready to roll the dice, make strategic decisions, and outsmart your opponents in this engaging mathematical challenge!


How to Play

  • Prepare Your Game Pieces: Each player

  • receives a set of counters, all of the same colour. If one player chooses blue counters, the others must select a different colour. These counters will be used to mark the game board throughout the play.

  • Roll the Dice: Players take turns rolling a six-sided dice. After rolling the dice, each player has a choice: they can either add 1 to the number rolled (to find the next number) or subtract 1 from the number rolled (to find the previous number).

  • Place Your Counter: Based on their decision to add or subtract, the player then places one of their counters on the corresponding spot on the game board. For example, if a player rolls a 4 and decides to add 1, they would place their counter on the spot marked with the number 5. Conversely, if they choose to subtract 1, they would place their counter on the spot marked with the number 3.

  • Strategize and Compete: As the game progresses, players strategize to place their counters strategically on the board, aiming to occupy as many spots as possible. The player with the most counters on the board at the end of the game emerges as the victor!


Learning Objectives

  • Number Sense: "One More, One Less" reinforces students' understanding of number sequencing, helping them visualize the relationship between consecutive numbers.

  • Addition and Subtraction: By practicing adding or subtracting 1 from a given number, students strengthen their addition and subtraction skills in a fun and interactive way.

  • Strategic Thinking: Players must use strategic thinking to decide whether to add or subtract 1 from the number rolled, considering their current position on the board and their opponents' moves.


Key Benefits of the Game

  • Engagement: "One More, One Less" captures students' attention and keeps them actively engaged in mathematical practice, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.

  • Critical Thinking: Players develop critical thinking skills as they evaluate different strategies and make decisions to maximize their chances of success.

  • Social Interaction: The game promotes social interaction and collaboration as players take turns, discuss their moves, and compete against each other in a friendly and supportive environment.


Download Your Free Game Today

Ready to dive into the world of "One More, One Less"? Click the button below to download your free copy of the game and start your mathematical adventure today!

Join us in making mathematics fun and exciting with "One More, One Less." Let's roll the dice, make strategic decisions, and celebrate mathematical success together!

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