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Repeated Addition

Are you ready to unlock the magic of multiplication? Dive into the world of repeated addition and grouping with our engaging and free worksheet, "Repeated Addition"! Designed for kindergarten and year 1 students, this worksheet is a fantastic tool for introducing the concept of multiplication while reinforcing foundational math skills. Let's embark on a mathematical adventure together!

Exploring "Repeated Addition" Worksheet

"Repeated Addition" is an interactive and educational worksheet that introduces students to the concept of multiplication through repeated addition and grouping. With a series of questions designed to stimulate critical thinking, students will deepen their understanding of multiplication while engaging in hands-on activities.


How to Use the Worksheet

  • Download and Print: Click the button below to download the worksheet. Print out multiple copies to provide ample

      practice opportunities for your students.

  • Introduction to Repeated Addition: Begin by introducing students to the concept of repeated addition and its connection to multiplication. Explain that repeated addition involves adding the same number multiple times to find the total.

  • Engage with Groups of Shapes: Students encounter a variety of questions on the worksheet, each accompanied by a box for the repeated addition question. For example, a question might read "4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = __".

  • Cut and Paste Activity: On the last page of the worksheet, students find groups of shapes representing the numbers in the repeated addition questions. They cut out the appropriate number of groups and glue them into the corresponding box.

  • Calculate the Total: Once the groups are glued in place, students calculate the total by counting the number of shapes in the groups or by using skip counting strategies. For example, for the question "4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4", students can count the shapes or skip count by 4s to find the answer.

  • Complete the Worksheet: Students continue through the worksheet, completing each repeated addition question by cutting and pasting the appropriate number of groups and calculating the total.


Why Choose "Repeated Addition" Worksheet

  1. Hands-On Learning: This worksheet offers hands-on practice with repeated addition and multiplication, allowing students to actively engage with mathematical concepts.

  2. Multiplication Foundations: By exploring repeated addition, students build a strong foundation for understanding multiplication, setting the stage for future mathematical success.

  3. Critical Thinking Skills: Through problem-solving and calculation, students develop critical thinking skills while mastering mathematical concepts.


Elevate Multiplication Skills with "Repeated Addition" Worksheet!

Empower your kindergarten and year 1 students to become multiplication masters with our "Repeated Addition" worksheet. Download the worksheet today and watch as your students unlock the magic of multiplication through engaging activities and hands-on learning!

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Ignite Mathematical Curiosity with "Repeated Addition" Worksheet!

Take your students on a mathematical journey filled with exploration and discovery. Download the "Repeated Addition" worksheet now and watch as your students develop essential multiplication skills with every group they create!

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