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Making Equal Groups

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In the early stages of mathematical development, hands-on activities play a crucial role in helping young learners grasp fundamental concepts. For kindergarten students, understanding the concept of multiplication can be made more accessible and engaging through interactive experiences. That's why we're excited to introduce a fantastic resource: Making Equal Groups Worksheets!

What are Making Equal Groups Worksheets?
The Making Equal Groups Worksheets are a series

of free printable resources designed to help kindergarten students explore the concept of multiplication through hands-on activities. With 11 pages covering a range of "groups of" scenarios, these worksheets offer a dynamic and interactive approach to teaching and learning multiplication basics.

How to Use Making Equal Groups Worksheets

  1. Download the worksheets by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Print out the pages and laminate them for durability, if desired.

  2. Provide students with blocks, counters, and play dough for the hands-on activities.

  3. Introduce each worksheet one at a time, starting with simple scenarios and progressing to more complex ones.

  4. For each worksheet, instruct students to:

    • Read the title, which specifies the number of groups and the quantity in each group (e.g., "3 groups of 2").

    • Use blocks to create the specified number of groups with the given quantity in each group.

    • Use counters to represent the groups of objects.

    • Use play dough to visually demonstrate the groups.

  5. Encourage students to count aloud as they create each group and discuss the concept of equal groups, emphasizing that each group should have the same number of objects.

  6. Facilitate discussions about multiplication as students engage in the hands-on activities, highlighting how repeated addition relates to equal groups.

  7. Use the worksheets as part of math rotations or as standalone activities during math centers.


Benefits of Making Equal Groups Worksheets

  • Provides hands-on practice with the concept of multiplication.

  • Encourages visual and tactile learning through the use of manipulatives.

  • Reinforces the idea of equal groups and helps students develop a deeper understanding of multiplication.

  • Offers a variety of scenarios to cater to different learning levels and abilities.

  • Promotes collaboration and communication as students work together to create and discuss equal groups.


The Making Equal Groups Worksheets are an invaluable resource for kindergarten classrooms seeking to introduce and reinforce the concept of multiplication in a hands-on and interactive way. With their engaging activities and versatile applications, these worksheets are sure to become a staple in math instruction. Download the worksheets below and watch as your young learners embark on a multiplication journey filled with exploration and discovery!

Empower your kindergarten students to become multiplication masters with Making Equal Groups Worksheets – the perfect resource for hands-on math learning!

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