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Suffix Lift the Flap

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Grammar lessons can be exciting and interactive with the right tools. For Year 3 and 4 students learning about suffixes, we have designed a fun and engaging worksheet called 'Suffix Lift the Flap.' This free downloadable worksheet aims to make the learning process enjoyable while helping students understand the concept of suffixes better.


By the end of this worksheet, students will have created an interactive notebook that they can refer back to whenever they need to recall the definitions and examples of different suffixes.

Understanding Suffixes: Before we delve into the 'Suffix Lift the Flap' worksheet, let's quickly review what suffixes are. A suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a base word to change its meaning. For

instance, in the word "happily," the base word is "happy," and the suffix "-ly" changes it into an adverb, creating "happily."


How to Use 'Suffix Lift the Flap' Worksheet:

  1. Download and Print: Click on the link provided at the bottom of this page to download the 'Suffix Lift the Flap' worksheet. Make sure you have a printer ready to print out the pages.

  2. Cut and Glue: On the first page of the worksheet, students will find several suffixes written at the top, such as 'er,' 'ly,' 'ful,' 'less,' and more. Carefully cut along the dotted lines to create flaps for each suffix. Then, cut out the second page containing the definitions and examples.

  3. Match and Glue: Now, match each suffix flap with the correct definition and examples. For example, if you have the suffix 'er' written on a flap, find the definition "someone who" and glue it right below the flap. Then, write down a few examples like "dancer" and "painter" under the definition.

  4. Creating an Interactive Notebook: Once all the flaps are glued in place, students will have an interactive notebook ready to use. They can lift the flaps to reveal the definitions and examples of each suffix whenever they need to refer back to them during their grammar lessons.


Benefits of 'Suffix Lift the Flap' Worksheet:

  1. Interactive Learning: The interactive nature of this worksheet makes learning about suffixes enjoyable and engaging for students.

  2. Retain Information: By creating their interactive notebook, students reinforce their understanding of suffixes, helping them retain the information more effectively.

  3. Quick Reference: Students can refer back to their interactive notebook whenever they encounter new words with suffixes, building confidence in their grammar skills.

  4. Creativity: Cutting, gluing, and writing examples allow students to express their creativity while learning.

  5. Independent Learning: Students can use this worksheet outside of the classroom to study independently.


The 'Suffix Lift the Flap' worksheet is an excellent resource for Year 3 and 4 students to dive into the world of suffixes. Its interactive approach transforms the learning experience from mundane to exciting. By creating their interactive notebook, students can better understand and remember the definitions and examples of different suffixes. So, why wait? Click the link below, download the worksheet, and let the suffix adventure begin!

Happy learning!

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