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Find a Verb

Find a Verb Worksheet.png

As educators, we know that teaching young children the basics of grammar and sentence structure can be challenging. However, it is an essential foundation for their literacy development. One of the fundamental components of a sentence is the verb. A verb is a word that describes an action or state of being. For kindergarten students, it is essential to help them recognize and identify verbs in simple sentences.

To help teachers and homeschoolers with this task, we have created a fun and engaging worksheet called "Find a Verb". This free worksheet is specifically designed for kindergarten students to practice identifying verbs.

The worksheet features an array of lollies, each with a simple decodable word written on it. The words on the lollies are a mix of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. The task for the students is to identify and colour in the lollies that have a verb written on them. This activity helps students recognise that verbs are action words, and encourages them to understand the difference between nouns and verbs in a sentence.

This worksheet is a great way to make learning about verbs fun and interactive. It can be used as an independent activity, or as part of a group lesson. The worksheet is easy to use and provides a visual aid for students to understand what a verb is and how it functions in a sentence.

To download this free "Find a Verb" worksheet, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the download button. It is available in a printable format, making it easy to distribute to your students.


Find a Verb, is an excellent resource for kindergarten students to practice identifying verbs. It is a fun and engaging activity that helps students develop their understanding of grammar and sentence structure. As teachers and homeschoolers, we can use this worksheet as a tool to make learning about verbs enjoyable and interactive for our young learners.

Download the "Find a Verb" worksheet today, and start your students on the path to becoming confident and competent writers!

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