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Descriptive Writing Planner

Descriptive Writing Planner.png

As educators, we understand the importance of nurturing strong writing skills in our students from an early age. Writing descriptive pieces can be particularly challenging for younger learners who are still developing their vocabulary and expressive abilities. To support you in guiding your students towards becoming proficient descriptive writers, we are excited to introduce our free worksheet, the 'Descriptive Writing Planner.' This downloadable resource is designed specifically for younger students, providing them with a structured

framework to enhance their descriptive writing skills.

The Descriptive Writing Planner is a user-friendly tool that encourages students to explore their senses and delve into the world of vivid descriptions. The worksheet is divided into six sections: see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel (with your heart). Each section prompts students to focus on a specific sensory aspect when describing a chosen subject, such as a setting or a character. By filling in these sections, students gradually develop a comprehensive and engaging description.


How to Use the Worksheet:

  1. Download the Worksheet: At the bottom of this blog post, you will find a button to download the 'Descriptive Writing Planner' worksheet. Simply click on the button, and the worksheet will be saved to your device.

  2. Introduce the Worksheet to Your Students: Before beginning the activity, explain to your students the purpose of descriptive writing and the importance of engaging the reader's senses. Encourage them to choose a subject that they find interesting or captivating.

  3. Complete the Worksheet: Instruct your students to fill in the title at the top of the worksheet. Then, guide them through each section, asking them to use their imagination and think carefully about the sensory details associated with their chosen subject. Remind them to be specific and use descriptive language.

  4. Review and Share: After students have completed their worksheets, provide opportunities for them to share their descriptions with the class. Encourage peer feedback and discussion, highlighting examples of strong sensory language and effective descriptions.


With our 'Descriptive Writing Planner' worksheet, you have a valuable tool to facilitate the development of descriptive writing skills among your younger students. By engaging their senses and encouraging careful observation, this resource will empower students to create captivating descriptions that bring their writing to life. Click the button below to download the worksheet and embark on a journey of discovery and creativity with your students today!


Happy writing!

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