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Describe my Character

Describe my Chatacter.png
As educators, we constantly strive to develop our students' writing abilities and foster their creativity. One effective way to accomplish this is by engaging them in descriptive writing exercises that encourage the use of sensory details. Today, we are excited to introduce you to a free worksheet called "Describe My Character," designed specifically for foundation and kindergarten school students. This worksheet provides a structured and interactive approach to help young learners develop their descriptive writing skills by crafting vivid character descriptions.

The "Describe My Character" worksheet is an engaging tool that allows students to explore the world of descriptive writing. By employing their senses and imagination, students will learn to create engaging character descriptions.

The worksheet consists of four circles. In one circle, students are prompted to draw a picture of their chosen character, encouraging them to visualize and illustrate their ideas.

The second circle prompts students to draw a picture of the character's living space. This exercise encourages them to think about the environment in which their character resides.


In one of the circles, students are asked to list five things that their character likes. This step promotes critical thinking and helps students consider the preferences of their characters.


The last circle requires students to jot down five personality traits of their character. This exercise encourages students to think beyond physical attributes and delve into the emotional and behavioural aspects of their characters.

The worksheet serves as an excellent resource for foundation and kindergarten school teachers looking to develop their students' descriptive writing skills. By engaging in this interactive exercise, young learners will develop their ability to craft engaging character descriptions, enhancing their storytelling abilities and fostering their creativity. Through sensory exploration and critical thinking, students will acquire valuable skills that will benefit their writing prowess for years to come.


We encourage you to incorporate this worksheet into your writing lessons, providing your students with a structured and enjoyable way to develop their descriptive writing skills. Happy teaching and writing!

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