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Shake and Spill - 10

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Are you searching for an engaging way to teach number bonds to your Grade 1 and Grade 2 students? Look no further! Our free activity, "Shake and Spill - 10," is perfect for making math lessons interactive and enjoyable. Download this fantastic resource by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and get ready to see your students' excitement and understanding grow!


Introducing "Shake and Spill - 10"

"Shake and Spill - 10" is a hands-on activity designed to help young learners grasp the concept of number bonds to 10. By using double-sided counters, students can visualize and physically manipulate numbers to create pairs that add up to 10. This activity not only reinforces their understanding of addition but also makes learning math fun and engaging.


How to Use "Shake and Spill - 10"

  • Download and Print:

    • Simply click the button at the bottom of the page to download the activity. Print out the activity sheets for your classroom.

  • Gather Materials:

    • Each student or pair of students will need ten double-sided counters (e.g., one side red, one side yellow), a cup for shaking the counters, the printed activity sheets, and crayons or markers.

  • Activity Steps:

    • Shake: Students place the 10 double-sided counters in a cup and give it a good shake.

    • Spill: They then spill the counters out onto a flat surface.

    • Count and Colour: Students count how many counters land on each side (e.g., 3 on yellow and 7 on red). They then colour in the corresponding number of circles on the worksheet (e.g., 3 yellow and 7 red).

    • Write: Students write a number sentence that represents the outcome (e.g., 3 + 7 = 10).

Educational Benefits of "Shake and Spill - 10"

  • Visual Learning:

    • Helps students visually and physically see number pairs that add up to 10, making abstract concepts more concrete.

  • Engages Multiple Senses:

    • Combines movement, touch, and sight to reinforce learning and keep students engaged.

  • Develops Number Sense:

    • Encourages students to understand the relationships between numbers and improve their basic addition skills.

  • Promotes Critical Thinking:

    • Students learn to think critically about numbers and their relationships, enhancing their overall math comprehension.

Make Math Fun and Interactive!

Incorporate "Shake and Spill - 10" into your math lessons to bring a fresh, fun, and educational twist to learning number bonds. This activity is perfect for individual practice, small group work, or math centers. Best of all, it's free and easy to set up!

Ready to get started? Click the button below to download the "Shake and Spill - 10" activity and watch your students' math skills soar!


Bring joy and understanding to your math lessons with this engaging, hands-on activity. Happy teaching!

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