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Fact Family Apple Picking

Teaching fact families and number bonds can be an exciting adventure for young learners, especially when it’s transformed into a fun, interactive game. Smart Boarding School is thrilled to offer a free, print-and-play game called “Fact Family Apple Picking,” designed specifically for year 1 and year 2 students. This engaging activity is perfect for maths and algebra lessons, making

learning about fact families enjoyable and memorable.

What is Fact Family Apple Picking?

“Fact Family Apple Picking” is a hands-on game where students use connecting blocks to complete fact families and create delicious apple-themed dishes. The game integrates critical mathematical concepts with playful elements, encouraging students to practice addition and subtraction in a fun context.


Aim of the Game

The goal of “Fact Family Apple Picking” is for students to collect the correct number of “apples” to make various apple dishes, including an apple pie, apple sauce, apple cinnamon doughnut, and apple juice. The first player to collect all the apples needed for their dishes wins the game.


How to Play

  1. Setup:

    • Print and distribute a game board to each player.

    • Place a pile of red and green connecting blocks in the centre, ensuring each player can reach them. Each player will need approximately 15 connecting blocks.

  2. Taking Turns:

    • Players take turns spinning the wheel using a pencil and paper clip or a spinner.

    • The spinner will land on a number, which the player must place on their board in any spot.

  3. Collecting Apples:

    • Players must use the connecting blocks to complete the given fact family for each dish on their board. For example, if the spinner lands on 3 and the player needs to complete a fact family that sums to 5, they must figure out the correct placement and number of apples needed to complete the family (e.g., 3 + 2 = 5).

  4. Winning the Game:

    • The first player to successfully collect all the apples needed to complete their apple dishes wins the game.


Educational Benefits

  • Reinforces Fact Families: This game helps students understand and practice fact families, a fundamental concept in early maths education.

  • Enhances Number Bonds: By working with number bonds, students develop a stronger sense of numbers and their relationships.

  • Encourages Hands-On Learning: The use of connecting blocks makes abstract concepts tangible, aiding in comprehension and retention.


Download and Play

Ready to bring some apple-themed fun to your classroom? Download the “Fact Family Apple Picking” game and get started today! Simply click the button below to access the free printable game boards and instructions.

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