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Place Value Bump

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Teaching place value concepts to young learners can be both fun and engaging with the right activities. We are thrilled to introduce "Place Value Bump," a free print and play game designed to help Grade 2 students master place value while enjoying a friendly competition. Download "Place Value Bump" for free by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and bring a burst of excitement to your maths lessons!


What is "Place Value Bump"?

"Place Value Bump" is an interactive

game aimed at helping Grade 2 students understand and practice place value in a fun and engaging way. This printable game involves rolling dice, moving around the board, and strategically placing counters to cover numbers that represent place values.


How to Play "Place Value Bump"

  1. Preparation:

    • Download and print the "Place Value Bump" game board. For durability, consider laminating the board.

    • Each player needs 10 counters of the same color. If one player uses blue counters, other players must choose different colors.

  2. Starting the Game:

    • Each player places a playing piece anywhere on the board to start the game.

  3. Taking Turns:

    • Players take turns rolling a dice and moving their playing piece around the board according to the number rolled.

    • On each turn, players cover the equivalent number in the middle of the board with one of their colored counters.

  4. Bumping Counters:

    • If a player lands on a number that has already been covered by their opponent's counter, they can "bump" that counter off the spot and place their own counter there.

    • If a player lands on a number they have already covered, they place a second counter on top. This spot is now "frozen" and cannot be bumped off by other players.

  5. Winning the Game:

    • The first player to use all 10 of their counters is the winner of the game.


Why "Place Value Bump" is Great for Learning

  • Reinforces Place Value Concepts:

    • By covering numbers that represent place values, students gain a better understanding of ones, tens, and hundreds in a practical context.

  • Encourages Strategic Thinking:

    • The bumping mechanism requires players to think strategically about their moves, fostering critical thinking skills.

  • Interactive and Engaging:

    • The game format keeps students engaged and makes learning place value enjoyable and competitive.

  • Versatile Use:

    • Ideal for individual practice, small group activities, or math centers, "Place Value Bump" can be used in various classroom settings.


Using "Place Value Bump" in Your Classroom

  1. Math Centers:

    • Incorporate "Place Value Bump" into your math centers to provide a fun and interactive way for students to practice place value concepts.

  2. Small Group Activities:

    • Use the game in small group sessions where students can collaborate, compete, and learn from each other.

  3. Individual Practice:

    • Provide the game for individual practice, allowing students to work at their own pace and reinforce their understanding of place value.

"Place Value Bump" is an excellent resource for teaching place value to Grade 2 students. The combination of strategic gameplay and educational content makes it a valuable addition to any math lesson. Download "Place Value Bump" today by clicking the button below and watch your students' understanding of place value soar while they have a blast playing the game!

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