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Shape Block Patterns

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Hello, educators and pattern explorers! Are you ready to dive into the world of patterns with your kindergarten and year 1 students? Get ready for an engaging hands-on activity: "Shape Block Patterns." This free activity is designed to help students learn about color patterns in a fun and interactive way using pattern blocks, which are commonly found in primary school classrooms.


Unlocking the Power of Patterns

Patterns are a fundamental aspect of mathematics and play a crucial role in developing students' mathematical understanding. Understanding patterns not only strengthens students' ability to recognize and predict sequences but also enhances their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By providing students with opportunities to explore and create patterns, we empower them to become confident mathematicians and creative thinkers.


What is "Shape Block Patterns"?

"Shape Block Patterns" is a dynamic activity that invites kindergarten and year 1 students to explore color patterns using pattern blocks. Here's how it works:

  1. Activity Setup: Simply download and print the worksheet provided in the resource. Each worksheet contains the start of a color pattern, represented by a sequence of pattern blocks. Students will also need access to pattern blocks, which are commonly available in most primary school classrooms.

  2. Pattern Exploration: Students begin by examining the start of the pattern on their worksheet. They then use pattern blocks to continue the pattern, placing each block according to the sequence shown. As they progress through the activity, students strengthen their understanding of color patterns and develop their ability to identify and extend sequences.

  3. Hands-On Learning: Through hands-on manipulation of pattern blocks, students actively engage with mathematical concepts and develop important spatial reasoning skills. This tactile approach to learning fosters deeper understanding and promotes active participation in the learning process.


Learning Through Exploration

"Shape Block Patterns" offers numerous benefits for students as they explore and create color patterns:

  • Pattern Recognition: By identifying and extending color patterns, students develop their pattern recognition skills and gain a deeper understanding of pattern structure.

  • Critical Thinking: As students analyze the sequences and determine the next block in the pattern, they engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, honing their logical reasoning skills.

  • Hands-On Engagement: Manipulating pattern blocks provides students with a tangible and interactive way to explore mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper connection to the material and enhancing learning outcomes.


Download "Shape Block Patterns" and Dive Into Pattern Exploration Today!

Ready to inspire your kindergarten and year 1 students with a hands-on exploration of color patterns? Click the button below to download your free "Shape Block Patterns" activity and watch as your students embark on a colorful journey of pattern exploration and discovery.


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