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Making Patterns

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Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey of pattern exploration? Dive into the world of patterns with our free printable activity, "Making Patterns"! Designed for kindergarten and year 1 students, this engaging activity fosters creativity, critical thinking, and pattern recognition skills. Let's unravel the beauty of patterns together!

Unleashing Creativity with "Making Patterns"

"Making Patterns" is an interactive and hands-on activity that invites students to become pattern detectives! With vibrant colors and

engaging visuals, students are encouraged to identify, extend, and create patterns in a fun and stimulating way.

How to Use the Activity

  1. Download and Print: Click the button below to download the "Making Patterns" activity. Print out multiple copies to provide ample opportunities for exploration and practice.

  2. Introduction to Patterns: Begin by introducing students to the concept of patterns. Explain that patterns are sequences of shapes, colors, or objects that repeat in a predictable manner.

  3. Observe the Starting Pattern: Students encounter a set of connecting blocks with the first few blocks already colored to create a pattern. Encourage students to observe the pattern carefully and identify the elements that repeat.

  4. Extend the Pattern: Using the provided connecting blocks, students continue the pattern by coloring the remaining blocks. Encourage creativity and experimentation as students explore different ways to extend the pattern.

  5. Concrete Manipulation: After completing the activity on paper, students can further reinforce their understanding of patterns by using real connecting blocks to recreate the pattern. This hands-on approach enhances tactile learning and reinforces pattern recognition skills.

  6. Discussion and Reflection: Facilitate a classroom discussion about the patterns created by students. Encourage students to describe their patterns, identify the repeating elements, and discuss any variations or extensions they explored.


Why Choose "Making Patterns" Activity

  1. Hands-On Learning: This activity promotes hands-on exploration, allowing students to actively engage with patterns and develop fine motor skills as they color and manipulate connecting blocks.

  2. Critical Thinking: By analyzing and extending patterns, students exercise critical thinking skills and develop a deeper understanding of sequence and repetition.

  3. Creativity and Expression: "Making Patterns" encourages creativity and self-expression as students design their own unique patterns and explore different color combinations.

Elevate Pattern Recognition Skills with "Making Patterns" Activity!

Inspire your kindergarten and year 1 students to unleash their creativity and become pattern detectives with our "Making Patterns" activity. Download the activity today and watch as your students embark on a colorful journey of pattern exploration!

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Dive into Pattern Exploration with "Making Patterns" Activity!

Transform pattern exploration into a delightful adventure with our "Making Patterns" activity. Download the activity now and watch as your students unlock the magic of patterns through creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on exploration!

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