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Procedure Writing Template

Procedure Writing Template.png

Writing is a crucial skill that students need to develop throughout their academic journey. One particular form of writing that holds great importance is procedural writing. It allows students to convey a series of steps in a clear and organized manner. To support primary school teachers in teaching this skill, we are thrilled to present our latest resource – the 'Procedure Writing Template' worksheet! This free downloadable worksheet is designed to assist students in mastering the art of procedure writing, while also nurturing their creativity. So, let's dive in and explore this valuable tool!

Our 'Procedure Writing Template' worksheet is tailored to meet the needs of primary school students who are learning to write procedures. This

simple yet effective worksheet provides students with a structured format to express their ideas and thoughts. Here's what you can expect from this resource:

  1. Clear Format: The worksheet follows a clear and organized format, ensuring that students understand the key components of writing a procedure. It begins with a designated spot for the title, allowing students to introduce the activity or process they are describing.

  2. Step-by-Step Boxes: Next, the worksheet offers five separate boxes, each dedicated to a specific step in the procedure. Students can fill in the boxes with the sequential steps, describing what needs to be done at each stage. This systematic approach helps students develop a logical thought process and fosters their ability to break down complex tasks into manageable steps.

  3. Room for Illustrations: Alongside each step, there is ample space for students to draw a corresponding picture. This visual element not only makes the worksheet engaging and enjoyable but also reinforces comprehension and communication skills. Drawing their own illustrations allows students to visually represent the steps and aids in solidifying their understanding of the procedure.


By combining written explanations with visual representations, the 'Procedure Writing Template' worksheet promotes a multi-modal learning experience that caters to various learning styles. It empowers students to express their ideas and encourages creativity in the process.

To access the 'Procedure Writing Template' worksheet, simply click on the download button located at the bottom of this page. The worksheet is available in a printable PDF format, making it convenient to incorporate into your lesson plans.

To download the 'Procedure Writing Template' worksheet, simply click the button below. Happy teaching!

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