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How to Brush Your Teeth

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Good dental hygiene is an essential habit that we want to instil in our young learners from an early age. I'm thrilled to share a valuable resource with primary school teachers—a free printable worksheet called "How to Brush Your Teeth." This engaging worksheet is designed to help kindergarten children practice their procedural writing skills while learning about the importance of oral care. Best of all, it's absolutely free to download and use in your classroom!

To access this wonderful worksheet, simply click on the download button located at the bottom of the page.

Once downloaded, you can distribute the worksheet to your students, allowing them to embark on a fun-filled journey of learning.

"How to Brush Your Teeth" is specifically tailored for kindergarten students who are beginning to grasp the concept of writing procedures. The worksheet prompts students to read each step of the procedure and then draw a corresponding picture. This activity not only reinforces their reading comprehension but also enhances their visual representation skills.


By following the steps outlined on the worksheet, students learn the proper technique for brushing their teeth effectively. Each step is carefully written in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that young learners can easily grasp and understand the procedure. From wetting the toothbrush to rinsing the mouth, every stage is covered to promote thorough oral hygiene.


As students progress through the worksheet, they have the opportunity to reinforce their understanding of the procedure by visually representing each step through drawings. This exercise encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and the ability to sequence events—a vital skill for procedural writing.


Using this worksheet in your classroom not only supports the development of procedural writing but also fosters a sense of responsibility for personal hygiene. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and the impact it has on their overall well-being.


The "How to Brush Your Teeth" worksheet can be utilized in various ways to cater to the diverse needs of your students. It can be incorporated into individual work, small group activities, or even displayed as a visual aid during discussions on oral health. The flexibility of this resource allows you to adapt it to your specific teaching style and classroom environment.


To make the most of this worksheet, encourage students to engage in discussions about dental hygiene. Ask open-ended questions that promote critical thinking and reflection. Encourage students to share their own experiences and encourage positive oral care habits both at school and at home.


So, why wait? Click that download button, print out the worksheet, and let your students embark on an exciting journey of learning and dental care. Together, we can empower our young learners to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

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