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Making Compound Words

Making Compound Words Worksheet.png

As a teacher or homeschooler, you are always looking for ways to make learning engaging and fun for your elementary students. One way to do this is by incorporating worksheets that are both educational and entertaining. That's why we are excited to share our free Making Compound Words worksheet with you today!

Compound words are two smaller words that are put together to make a new word with a different meaning. Examples of compound words include "sunglasses", "toothbrush", and "snowflake". By learning how to make compound words, your students will improve their vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.

Our Making Compound Words worksheet is perfect for younger elementary students who are just beginning to learn about compound words. The worksheet is made up of a grid with three columns. The first two columns contain two smaller words each, and the last column contains the compound word made up of those two smaller words. Each row has a new compound word for students to learn.

To complete the worksheet, students will look at the grid and fill in any missing words. They will then draw a picture to match the compound word they have created. This not only helps them to remember the compound word, but it also allows them to use their creativity and imagination.

Our Making Compound Words worksheet is free to download by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. It is a great addition to your lesson plan and can be used as a classroom activity or as homework for your homeschool students. The worksheet is also easy to print and can be used multiple times.


The worksheet is an engaging and educational tool that can help your elementary students improve their vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension skills. By using this worksheet, you are providing your students with a fun way to learn about compound words. Download the worksheet today and watch as your students become experts in making compound words!

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