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Cut and Paste Compound Words

Cut and Paste Compound Word Worksheet.png

As a lower primary school teacher, you are always on the lookout for fun and engaging activities to help your students learn. The good news is that we have a free worksheet that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The worksheet is called 'Cut and Paste Compound Words' and is aimed at kindergarten children who are learning about compound words.

To complete the worksheet, students need to cut out the pictures that can be found on page 2. The pictures are the small words that make up a compound word and the whole compound word. All of the pictures have been mixed up, and students need to rearrange the pictures so the two small words of the compound word are glued down, followed by the

compound word. The pictures have the written word underneath, so if students are unable to read the word, they can use the pictures as clues.

The 'Cut and Paste Compound Words' worksheet is a great way to help your students learn about compound words in a fun and interactive way. By using pictures and encouraging students to cut and paste, the activity becomes more engaging, and it helps students develop their fine motor skills.

The worksheet is designed to be easy to use, and it can be completed in a short amount of time. The pictures and words are large and easy to read, making it accessible to all students.

The worksheet is an excellent resource for lower primary school teachers who want to help their students learn about compound words in a fun and engaging way. Click on the link below to download the 'Cut and Paste Compound Words' worksheet and start engaging your students in learning today!

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