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Alphabet Match

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At Smart Boarding School, we believe in making learning interactive, hands-on, and most importantly, fun! That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest free resource designed especially for kindergarten students: "Alphabet Match."

"Alphabet Match" is a dynamic tool aimed at reinforcing letter recognition and letter matching skills in young learners. With its engaging and tactile approach, this resource transforms the learning experience into an exciting adventure.

So, what does "Alphabet Match" entail? Let's explore:

  1. Print, Cut, and Laminate: To prepare "Alphabet Match" for classroom or home use, teachers simply need to print out the file, cut it into individual cards, and laminate them for durability. This initial setup ensures that the resource can be used repeatedly, making it a valuable addition to any learning environment.

  2. Hole Punch and String: Once the cards are ready, teachers can use a hole puncher to create holes next to each letter, on both the left and right sides of the cards. Students are then provided with a piece of string to complete the activity.

  3. Letter Matching Adventure: Armed with their strings, students embark on an exciting letter matching adventure! Starting with a letter on the left side of the card, students thread their string through the corresponding hole and then search for the matching upper or lower-case letter on the right side of the card. The goal is to connect each letter with its correct match using the string.

  4. Reinforcing Letter Recognition: As students navigate through the alphabet, they not only practice matching upper and lower-case letters but also reinforce their letter recognition skills. The interactive nature of the activity keeps students engaged and eager to learn.


"Alphabet Match" is more than just a resource; it's an opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery. Whether used in small group settings or as part of independent learning stations, this resource encourages active participation and fosters a deeper understanding of the alphabet.

Ready to bring the excitement of "Alphabet Match" to your classroom or home? Click the button below to download your free copy from Smart Boarding School and watch as your students embark on a letter-matching journey like never before!

At Smart Boarding School, we're dedicated to empowering educators and parents with innovative resources that ignite a passion for learning. Join us in shaping bright futures and inspiring young minds with "Alphabet Match."

Let the letter-matching adventures begin!

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