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Wipe Out

Hello, educators and homeschoolers! Are you ready to add a dash of excitement to your math lessons? Look no further than "Wipe Out," our free print-and-play game designed to make learning about chance and probability a thrilling adventure for kindergarten, year 1, and year 2 students.

Why Games Matter in Education

Games offer a dynamic way to engage students and reinforce key concepts in a fun and interactive manner. By incorporating gameplay into the learning process, educators can stimulate curiosity,

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promote problem-solving skills, and foster a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.


What is "Wipe Out"?

"Wipe Out" is a simple yet captivating game that challenges players to strategically place counters on a game board and test their luck with a roll of the dice. Here's how it works:

  1. Setting Up the Game Board: Each player begins by placing six counters in any of the six circles on the game board. Whether they choose to spread their counters across all circles, concentrate them in a few circles, or even stack them all in one circle is up to them!

  2. Rolling the Dice: Players take turns rolling a standard six-sided dice. If a player rolls the number that corresponds to a circle with one of their counters, they have the chance to remove that counter from the board.

  3. Race to Victory: The first player to successfully remove all their counters from the board is declared the winner of the game!


Learning Through Play

While "Wipe Out" offers endless entertainment, it also serves as a valuable educational tool for teaching probability concepts. Through gameplay, students naturally encounter concepts such as:

  • Likelihood: As players strategically place their counters and roll the dice, they gain an intuitive understanding of the likelihood of certain outcomes based on the number of counters they have placed on each circle.

  • Experimental Probability: By observing the outcomes of their rolls over multiple turns, students begin to form hypotheses about the likelihood of rolling specific numbers and can calculate experimental probabilities based on their observations.

  • Critical Thinking: As players make decisions about where to place their counters and when to remove them based on their rolls, they engage in critical thinking and strategic planning, honing valuable problem-solving skills along the way.


Download "Wipe Out" and Dive Into Probability Fun!

Are you ready to bring the excitement of "Wipe Out" into your classroom or homeschool environment? Click the button below to download your free print-and-play game and watch as your students embark on a thrilling journey through the world of chance and probability.

At Smart Boarding School, we're dedicated to providing educators and homeschoolers with innovative resources to ignite a passion for learning and empower students to reach their full potential. Stay tuned for more exciting educational games and activities coming your way!

Let the games begin!

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