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Read it, Build it, Write it - SATPIMD Words

Welcome to the world of phonics fun! Smart Boarding School is thrilled to present an engaging resource designed for kindergarten students who are learning to blend CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words in their phonics lessons. Aligned with the Science of Reading, this free phonics game turns learning into an interactive and enjoyable experience for young learners.

Blending Phonics with Play

Understanding and blending CVC words is a foundational skill in early reading education. Our free phonics game is tailored to help kindergarten students master this skill through a hands-on and playful approach. This resource is perfect for teachers who are implementing the Science of Reading strategies in their classrooms.

Getting Started
To set up the game, teachers need to print out and laminate

the resources for durability and repeated use:

  1. Worksheet (Page 2): Each student receives a laminated worksheet, which they will use to organise their phonics activities.

  2. Phonics Cards (Pages 3 to 8): These pages should be printed back to back, then cut and laminated to create durable phonics cards. Each card features a picture and a CVC word on one side, and just the picture on the other side.

  3. Letter Tiles (Page 9): This page can be printed, cut, and laminated to provide students with letter tiles to build words.


How to Play

  1. Choosing a Card: Students start by picking a card and placing it in the top box of their worksheet. They can choose to see either the side with the picture and the CVC word or just the picture side for a more challenging experience.

  2. Building the Word: In the next box, students build the CVC word. They can use a variety of materials to construct the word:

    • Play Dough: Form each letter with play dough.

    • Scale Tiles: Use scale tiles to represent each letter.

    • Letter Tiles: Use the laminated letter tiles provided on page 9.

  3. Writing the Word: Finally, in the last box of the worksheet, students use a dry erase marker to write the CVC word they have built. This step reinforces their understanding and helps them practise writing skills.


Why This Game Works

This phonics game is designed to be engaging and multi-sensory, catering to different learning styles. By incorporating visual, tactile, and kinaesthetic elements, students can deepen their understanding of phonics in a fun and interactive way. The use of familiar letters (S, A, T, P, I, M, D) ensures that students can confidently blend and build words, boosting their phonemic awareness and reading skills.


Download Your Free Phonics Game Today

Ready to blend and build with your students? Click the button below to download your free phonics game from Smart Boarding School.

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