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Make a Clock

Are you ready to embark on a time-telling adventure? Look no further than our versatile and engaging activity: "Make a Clock." Designed for students in kindergarten through year 4, this hands-on craft allows learners to create their very own analogue clocks, fostering a deeper understanding of time-telling concepts in a fun and interactive way.


Craft Your Own Clock

"Make a Clock" is a simple yet effective activity that encourages students to get creative while learning about analogue time. With just a few supplies and a dash of imagination, students can construct their very own clocks.


Here's how it works:

  • Craft Setup: Students start by cutting out the numbers from 1 to 12 provided in the resource and gluing them onto the clock face in the correct order.

  • Hands-On Assembly: Using a split pin, students attach the clock hands to the center of the clock face. This

Make a Clock.png

       step not only reinforces fine motor skills but also allows students to visualize how the hour

       and minute hands move to indicate different times.

  • Exploration and Learning: Once the clocks are assembled, students can use them for a variety of time-telling activities. From practicing reading and setting specific times to exploring concepts such as elapsed time and time intervals, the possibilities are endless.


Versatile Learning Tool

"Make a Clock" is more than just a craft activity—it's a versatile learning tool that can be used across multiple grade levels and time-telling lessons. Whether students are just beginning to learn about telling time or are ready for more advanced concepts, this activity adapts to meet their needs and provides valuable hands-on experience.


Explore Our Free Resources

Ready to dive into the world of time-telling with "Make a Clock"? Click the button below to download your free activity and watch as your students' understanding of time comes to life.


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Don't forget to explore all the other free resources available on our website!

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