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Embark on a journey through the months with our latest free resource: "Calendar." Designed to spark curiosity and creativity, this engaging activity invites students to create their own personalized calendars while learning about the months of the year. With just a click, educators, homeschoolers, and parents can access this enriching resource and inspire their learners to explore the passage of time.


Navigating the Months

Understanding the concept of time is a fundamental aspect of a child's education.


Our "Calendar" activity offers a hands-on approach to learning about the months of the year in a fun and interactive way. By creating their own calendars, students not only gain a deeper understanding of chronological order but also develop important organizational and planning skills.


Creating Personalized Calendars

The "Calendar" activity features half A4 pages with the months of the year printed on each. Students simply print, cut the pages in half, and arrange the months in chronological order to create their own personalized calendars. Each month includes a blank rectangle where students can unleash their creativity by drawing pictures of special events or activities that occur during that month. Whether it's celebrating birthdays, holidays like Mother's Day, or noting changes in seasons, students have the opportunity to make their calendars uniquely their own.


Benefits of "Calendar" Activity

  • Hands-On Learning: Through the process of cutting, arranging, and drawing, students actively engage with the material, promoting kinesthetic learning and enhancing retention.

  • Personalized Expression: The blank rectangles on each month allow students to express themselves creatively and make meaningful connections to their own lives and experiences.

  • Organization Skills: As students arrange the months in chronological order and plan what events to depict on their calendars, they develop essential organizational and time management skills.


Download Your Free "Calendar" Today!

Ready to embark on a journey through the months? Click the button below to download your free "Calendar" activity and empower your students to explore the passage of time in a fun and creative way.

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