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Hundreds Square

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When it comes to teaching maths, having versatile and effective resources is key. Our free Hundreds Square is an invaluable tool that can support students from kindergarten all the way up to Year 6. Whether you’re focusing on basic number recognition or more complex operations, the Hundreds Square is a must-have for any maths classroom. This resource can be easily downloaded by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

What is the Hundreds Square?The Hundreds Square is a simple yet powerful

grid containing numbers from 1 to 100, arranged in rows of ten. This layout makes it easy for students to visualise and understand various mathematical concepts. The Hundreds Square can be used in a myriad of ways to enhance learning and make maths both fun and engaging.


Versatility Across Year Levels

  1. Kindergarten and Early Years:

    • Number Recognition: Help young students familiarise themselves with numbers from 1 to 100.

    • Counting: Practice counting forwards and backwards.

    • Identifying Patterns: Introduce simple patterns and sequences using the numbers on the grid.

  2. Years 1 to 3:

    • Addition and Subtraction: Use the grid to visually demonstrate adding and subtracting numbers.

    • Identifying Number Before/After: Teach students to identify which number comes before or after a given number.

    • Skip Counting: Practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and other increments.

  3. Years 4 to 6:

    • Multiplication and Division: Use the grid to explore multiplication tables and division facts.

    • Prime and Composite Numbers: Identify prime and composite numbers within the grid.

    • Number Patterns: Investigate more complex patterns and sequences.


Educational Benefits

  • Visual Learning: The Hundreds Square provides a visual representation of numbers, making abstract concepts more concrete.

  • Engagement: Engages students through interactive and hands-on activities.

  • Versatility: Can be adapted for various age groups and skill levels, making it a long-lasting classroom staple.

  • Maths Fluency: Helps build fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


How to Use the Hundreds Square in Your Classroom

  1. Addition and Subtraction Practice:

    • Adding: Have students place a marker on a number and then move a set number of spaces to practice addition.

    • Subtracting: Start from a higher number and move backwards to practice subtraction.

  2. Identifying Patterns:

    • Colour Patterns: Ask students to colour every second, fifth, or tenth number and observe the patterns that emerge.

    • Skip Counting: Use the Hundreds Square to skip count by different numbers and highlight these numbers on the grid.

  3. Finding Number Before/After:

    • Interactive Games: Turn identifying the number before or after into a game where students compete to find the correct numbers fastest.

  4. Multiplication and Division:

    • Multiplication Tables: Highlight multiples of a number to help students learn multiplication tables.

    • Division Facts: Use the grid to show how numbers can be divided into equal parts.

  5. Exploring Prime Numbers:

    • Prime Number Hunt: Have students find and mark all prime numbers within the Hundreds Square.


Classroom Activities with the Hundreds Square

  1. Maths Bingo:

    • Create bingo cards with numbers from the Hundreds Square. Call out mathematical problems that result in numbers on the grid, and have students cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

  2. Pattern Discovery:

    • Challenge students to discover different patterns within the grid, such as diagonal patterns or patterns involving odd and even numbers.

  3. Maths Puzzles:

    • Create puzzles where students must find specific numbers on the grid based on clues related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

  4. Number Paths:

    • Have students create a path from one number to another, following specific rules (e.g., only moving left, right, up, or down by a given number of spaces).

The Hundreds Square is a versatile and essential resource that can transform your maths lessons from kindergarten to Year 6. By providing a visual and interactive way to explore numbers, patterns, and operations, this tool supports a wide range of mathematical concepts and skills. Download the Hundreds Square today and discover the many ways you can enhance your students’ learning experiences in maths!

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