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Spin a Word

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Engaging young learners in interactive and enjoyable activities is crucial for developing their phonics skills. We are thrilled to introduce a free printable game called "Spin a Word," designed specifically for kindergarten and foundation students. This game provides an entertaining way to reinforce digraph recognition and promote word formation. Let's dive into the details of this engaging activity that can be easily accessed by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

"Spin a Word" is a fun and interactive game that allows students to

practice identifying and using common digraphs. Here's an overview of how the game works:

  1. Creating a Spinner: To play the game, students need a simple spinner. They can easily make one using a paperclip and a pencil. By placing the paperclip in the wheel at the top of the game worksheet and inserting the pencil tip into the paperclip, students can spin the paperclip around the pencil point.

  2. Landing on a Digraph: The wheel at the top of the game worksheet contains digraphs such as "th," "sh," or "ch." When the paperclip lands on a specific digraph, students identify it and write it in one of the blank spaces below.

  3. Word Formation: Students then use the digraph they landed on to create words by combining it with the given word endings. For example, if the word ending is "__op," and the student lands on the "sh" digraph, they write the word "shop." However, if they land on "th," they would create the non-word "thop."

  4. Counting Real Words: Once students have filled in all the digraphs and word endings, they count how many real words they have formed. This step encourages them to discern between real and nonsense words.

The "Spin a Word" game offers an excellent opportunity for kindergarten and foundation students to enhance their phonics skills while having fun. By using a simple homemade spinner and creatively forming words with digraphs, students develop their ability to recognise, use, and differentiate between various digraphs. Moreover, this game promotes independent learning and can be conveniently accessed as a free printable resource.

Click the button below to access the game and introduce your students to a delightful learning experience that reinforces phonics skills. Enjoy the game, and witness your students' growth in digraph recognition and word formation!

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