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Are you an elementary school teacher looking for an engaging and free phonics game to support your students' reading skills? Look no further! We're excited to introduce you to "MDGOCK Race," a printable game that combines learning and fun. In this blog post, we'll provide you with all the details you need to know about this fantastic educational resource.

To get started, simply click on the button located at the bottom of this page to download the MDGOCK Race game. Once you have the file, print it out and laminate it for durability. Lamination will allow you to reuse the game many times, ensuring it lasts for multiple sessions of play.


MDGOCK Race can be played in groups of two or three students. Each player places their counter on the start circle to begin the game. It's time to roll the dice and let the fun begin! The first player takes a turn by rolling the dice and moving their counter the number of spaces indicated by the roll.


After moving their counter, the player lands on a circle with a SATPIN word. These words are specially chosen to include only the letters m, d, g, o, c, or k, making it easier for kindergarten students to sound them out. The player's task is to read the word aloud, reinforcing their phonics skills.


To add an extra challenge and further strengthen their phonics abilities, students can write the word they landed on using a whiteboard or paper. This additional step encourages them to practice spelling and reinforces their understanding of the letter-sound relationships.


MDGOCK Race is designed to align with the Science of Reading approach, which emphasizes the importance of phonics instruction in teaching reading. By engaging in this game, students get valuable practice in reading and decoding words, enhancing their phonics knowledge in an enjoyable and interactive way.


The objective of MDGOCK Race is to be the first player to reach the "finish" circle. As each player takes turns, the excitement builds, and the competition intensifies. By incorporating friendly competition into the game, you create a motivating environment for your students to improve their reading skills.


Ready to introduce this exciting phonics game to your students? Don't wait any longer! Click the button below to download MDGOCK Race for free. Prepare the game by printing and laminating it, and watch as your students eagerly engage in reading and racing to the finish line.


Remember, MDGOCK Race is not only an entertaining game but also a valuable educational tool. It supports the development of phonics skills, encourages reading fluency, and provides opportunities for spelling practice. Embrace the Science of Reading and make learning a joyful experience for your students today!

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