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Information Report Planner

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As educators, we constantly seek innovative ways to engage our students and foster their writing skills. We are thrilled to present a free worksheet designed to support kindergarten and elementary students in their journey of writing information reports. These worksheets, aptly named "Information Report Writing," provide a structured and comprehensive framework for students to organise their thoughts and present facts about various animals.

Available for free download by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, these worksheets offer an excellent opportunity for teachers and

homeschoolers to guide their students towards creating informative and engaging information reports. Let's explore the different sections of these worksheets and discover how they can enhance your students' writing prowess.

At the top of the worksheet, students have a dedicated spot to write the title of their information report. This encourages students to think creatively and select an engaging title that accurately represents the animal they are researching. Encourage students to choose a title that is captivating and hints at the intriguing information to come.

The first section prompts students to describe the animal's appearance. Here, students can note the distinctive physical features, such as size, colour, body shape, or unique markings. Encourage students to use descriptive language and sensory details to paint a vivid picture of the animal's appearance.


The behavior section allows students to explore the animal's behaviours and characteristics. Students can note interesting facts about how the animal interacts with its environment, communicates, or engages in specific actions. Encourage students to research and provide evidence-based information to support their statements.


In the next section, students delve into the animal's habitat. Students can describe the specific environment or geographical locations where the animal is commonly found. They can include details about the climate, terrain, or specific features of the habitat that are essential for the animal's survival.


The diet section invites students to explore the animal's food preferences and eating habits. Here, students can identify the types of food the animal consumes, such as plants, other animals, or a combination of both. Encourage students to provide specific examples of the animal's diet and explain how it helps meet its nutritional needs.


The diagram section offers students an opportunity to visually represent the animal they are studying. Students can draw or paste a picture of the animal in this section and label its different body parts. This exercise encourages observation skills and helps students visualize the animal's anatomy.


The "Information Report Writing" worksheet serve as an invaluable resource for teachers and homeschoolers aiming to develop their students' information report writing skills. These worksheets provide a structured framework for students to organise their thoughts and present factual information about animals in a coherent and engaging manner.


By clicking the button at the bottom of this page, you can easily access these free worksheets, incorporating them into your lesson plans and homeschooling curriculum. Witness your students' writing skills flourish as they delve into the different sections, research information, and present their findings in an organised and informative manner. The worksheet offers a gateway for students to explore the fascinating world of animals while developing their writing skills. Embrace these worksheets as a powerful tool to ignite curiosity, promote research skills, and cultivate a love for writing in your students!

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