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Explanation Writing Template

Explanation Writing Template.png
For educators and homeschoolers, finding effective teaching resources that engage students and promote learning is always a priority. The Explanation Writing Template is specifically designed to aid teachers in teaching explanation writing to lower primary school students. This template provides an excellent framework for students to develop their writing skills.

The Explanation Writing Template consists of four sections that guide students through the process of writing a coherent and well-structured explanation. Each section serves a distinct purpose, allowing students to break down complex ideas into manageable parts.

The template begins with a space for students to write a title that accurately reflects the topic they will explain. Encouraging students to think creatively and concisely, this section sets the stage for an engaging and informative piece of writing.


Following the title, students are prompted to provide a general statement that introduces the topic and sets the context for their explanation. This section encourages students to convey essential background information, ensuring that readers have a solid foundation for understanding the subsequent details.


Next, the template includes a section where students can outline a series of events or steps related to their chosen topic. This step-by-step approach helps students develop their organisational skills and promotes clarity in their writing. It also cultivates critical thinking as students determine the most logical sequence for presenting information.


The final section of the template focuses on the concluding statement. Here, students are encouraged to summarise the main points of their explanation and leave readers with a sense of closure. By emphasising the importance of a strong conclusion, students learn the art of summarising and reinforcing the key ideas discussed throughout their writing.


The beauty of the Explanation Writing Template lies in its versatility. Students and teachers can apply this template to any topic, allowing for a wide range of possibilities and creative exploration. Whether it's explaining the water cycle, describing the life cycle of a butterfly, or unraveling the mysteries of gravity, the template serves as a reliable framework for guiding students in their writing endeavours.


The Explanation Writing Template is a wonderful tool that can assist in teaching lower primary school students the art of explanation writing. With its clear structure, the template breaks down the writing process into manageable sections, helping students develop their skills and produce well-structured explanations. By utilising this free resource, teachers and homeschoolers can foster a love for writing and provide students with a solid foundation for future academic success.

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