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Explanation Poster

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As educators and homeschoolers, we know how important it is to provide students with visual aids and resources that support their learning journey. Writing explanations can be a challenging task for elementary school students, as they need guidance on the purpose, structure, and language features of explanatory writing. To assist you in teaching this important skill, we are excited to introduce our free downloadable poster for elementary school students. This poster is a valuable tool to display in classrooms or glue into writing books, serving as a quick reference guide for students when crafting explanations.

Our Explanation writing poster offers a concise and visually appealing reference guide for elementary school students. It outlines the purpose of an explanation, the structure that explanations typically follow, and the language features commonly found in explanations. By having this poster readily available, students can refer to it whenever they need a reminder or clarification during their writing process.


How to Download the Poster:

  1. Click the Download Button: Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, where you will find a button to download the poster. Simply click on the button, and the poster will be saved to your device.

  2. Print or Display: Once downloaded, you have the flexibility to either print the poster and display it in your classroom or glue it into your students' writing books. Alternatively, you can project the poster onto a screen during writing lessons or discussions.

  3. Explain the Content: Introduce the poster to your students, explaining its purpose and the information it presents. Encourage them to take note of the key points and refer to it whenever they need assistance with their explanation writing.


Poster Contents:

  1. Purpose of an Explanation: Clearly state the purpose of an explanation, which is to inform and clarify by providing a clear understanding of a concept, process, or topic.

  2. Structure of an Explanation: Outline the typical structure of an explanation, which includes an introduction, a series of paragraphs explaining the main points, and a conclusion that summarizes the information presented.

  3. Language Features in an Explanation: Highlight common language features found in explanations, such as the use of present tense, clear and precise vocabulary, cause-and-effect relationships, and logical sequencing of ideas.

Our free downloadable explanatory writing poster is a valuable resource for elementary school teachers and homeschoolers alike. By providing a clear overview of the purpose, structure, and language features of explanations, this poster serves as a helpful reference tool for students during their writing process. Download the poster by clicking the button below and enhance your students' understanding and application of explanatory writing today!

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