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'ch' Digraph or 'tch' Trigraph

ch digraph or tch trigraph.png

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to help your year 1 and year 2 students learn about the /ch/ sound and when to use 'ch' or 'tch'? Look no further than our free worksheet, called 'ch digraph or tch trigraph', which is designed to teach students about the spelling rule for this tricky sound.

Many students struggle with spelling words that contain the /ch/ sound, but with our worksheet, they will be able to learn the rule and apply it in their writing. The rule is simple: if the word has a short vowel sound followed by the /ch/ sound, then use 'tch'. If the word has a long vowel sound or any consonant sound followed by /ch/, then use 'ch'.

Our worksheet is designed using the Science of Reading approach, which is a research-based teaching method that emphasizes explicit teaching of phonics and spelling rules. This makes it a great resource for teachers who use a synthetic phonics program or any other approach that explicitly teaches spelling rules.

At Smart Boarding School, we are committed to providing high-quality resources that make learning fun and accessible for students of all ages. Our free worksheet, 'ch digraph or tch trigraph', is just one of the many resources we offer to help teachers and parents support their children's learning.

So if you're looking for a great way to help your year 1 and year 2 students master the spelling of words with the /ch/ sound, simply click the link below. 

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