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The Price is Right - Estimation

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Estimation is an essential skill in maths, helping students make educated guesses and develop their number sense. Smart Boarding School is thrilled to introduce “The Price is Right,” a free and engaging estimation activity designed for year 1 and year 2 students. This activity combines a printable worksheet with an interactive PowerPoint presentation, making learning both fun and effective.


Engaging Students with Real-World Estimation

“The Price is Right” activity brings real-world context into the classroom by asking students to estimate the prices of quirky and interesting items available for sale on Amazon. This hands-on activity not only enhances students' estimation skills but also keeps them engaged with fun and unusual products.


What’s Included in the Activity

The “The Price is Right” activity comprises two main parts:

  1. Printable Worksheet:

    • The worksheet is designed for students to record their estimations and the actual prices of the items presented in the PowerPoint.

  2. Interactive PowerPoint Presentation:

    • The PowerPoint features 10 quirky items for sale, such as a burrito wrap blanket. Each slide presents a photo of the item, prompting students to estimate its price.


How to Conduct “The Price is Right” Activity

  1. Print the Worksheet: Download and print the worksheet for each student. The printable worksheet is available at the bottom of this blog.

  2. Introduce the Activity: Explain to the students that they will be estimating the prices of various items shown in the PowerPoint presentation.

  3. Estimate and Record: As each slide is presented, students will look at the item and write down their estimation of its price on their worksheet.

  4. Reveal the Price: After all students have made their estimations, reveal the actual price by clicking to the next slide on the PowerPoint. Students then record the actual price on their worksheet.

  5. Repeat: Continue this process for all 10 items included in the PowerPoint.


Why This Activity Works

  • Real-World Relevance: Using real items from Amazon makes the activity relatable and exciting for students.

  • Interactive and Fun: The combination of a worksheet and an interactive PowerPoint keeps students engaged and makes learning enjoyable.

  • Skill Development: This activity enhances estimation skills and reinforces number sense, critical thinking, and decision-making.


Download “The Price is Right” Activity

Ready to bring this fun estimation activity to your classroom? Click the button below to download the printable worksheet and scroll down to access the PowerPoint presentation.

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