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Our Bodies

A resource that teaches children to name parts of the body.

Making Connections

A great tutorial that explains how we use our senses to make connections to piece together information.

How Do We See?

Children learn how the eye works to see things as well as the anatomy of the eye.

The Sensitivity of Your Skin

Learn about how the human skin is sensitive and what the body does when something touches the skin.

Make a Balanced Plate

Children use their knowledge of healthy eating to sort food into their food group.

Make a Healthy Lunchbox

Choice healthy food from each food group to fill the lunch box for a day at school.

Food Groups Game

A colourful resource where children sort the food into grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein and oil/extras.

Benefits of Exercise

An informative tutorial that explains the benefits of exercising.

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All about the Brain

An in-depth tutorial that explains the different parts of the brain and what it controls in the body.

How Do We Hear?

A wonderful tutorial that explains how the ear works to hear sounds.

How Do We Taste?

A great tutorial that outlines the way humans sense taste and how the tongue works.

Dr Bones

Children about human anatomy by putting the skeleton back together. They can then click on all the joints to make sure they work.

Unmuddle the Meals

Sort the breakfast, lunch or dinner into the correct food group.

Farm to Fork Challenge

Children think about all the steps to get food from the farm to our homes and onto our plates to eat.

Hand Washing

Children learn how to wash their hands properly.

Where We Live

Children explore a variety of homes including a house, a flat, a caravan and a bungalow, and talk about their homes.

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