The Human Body


The Five Senses

A great resource which investigates how we use our senses.

Senses Club

A great game where children have to use their senses to figure out what is going on inside a dark club house without the lights.

People Who Help Us

A great resource which investigates people in society who help us.

Parts of the Body

A great exercise where children read labels and move it to the correct body part.

The Five Senses

Children use their knowledge of the 5 senses to answer simple questions.

Identify Body Parts

Read the sentence and click on the correct body parts.

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Our Bodies

A resource that teaches children to name parts of the body.

Where We Live

Children explore a variety of homes including a house, a flat, a caravan and a bungalow, and talk about their homes.

Creating a Family Tree

Use this resource as an example of how to make a family tree.

How Many Body Parts?

Count how many body parts we have including eyes, cheeks and ears then click on the correct answer.

The Five Senses

A great resource where children use their senses to identify different objects in the picture.

Our Different Senses

Children use their knowledge of the senses to answer 4 different quizzes.

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The Hand Washing Challenge

Children learn how to wash their hands properly.

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Healthy Eating

A great introduction to healthy eating. Children then sort and classify foods into healthy and non-healthy groups.

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Healthy Eating and Caring for Our Bodies