My Online Reading

A fantastic resource of over 100 online books for children to read.

Word Girl

A great online book where children can choose their own adventure.

Star Fall

A large collection of online books to read as a class or one on one with students.

Make it Happen - Bike

Your bike is now too small for you, create a notice to find someone to give it to. Include a statement, photo and other important details.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Read along or listen to the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

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Storyline Online

A wonderful collection of online stories read by famous American actors.

Make it Happen

Your dog Honey is lost, find her by creating a notice to put up in busy places.

Lucky Seeds

A beautifully animated story where children and read along and listen.

Monster Shopping Trip

Read along or listen to the story of the monsters shopping trip.

Guided Reading with Roy

Read along with Roy the Zebra in this collection of 9 different online stories.

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