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Match the Mass

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Attention, young mathematicians! Smart Boarding School invites year 1 and year 2 students to embark on an exciting exploration of mass measurement with our latest hands-on activity worksheet. Designed to make learning about mass engaging and interactive, this resource turns the classroom into a discovery zone where students use their senses and simple tools to find objects with similar mass.


Mass Measurement Made Fun

Understanding mass is a key concept in mathematics, and what better way to learn than through hands-on activities? Our free worksheet, "Finding Objects with the Same Mass," challenges students to find classroom items that match the mass of three given objects. It’s a playful yet educational approach that brings real-world context into the learning process.

Hefting and Balancing

To begin their adventure, students start with a familiar object, such as a pair of scissors. They then search the classroom to find another item that feels like it has the same mass. This process, known as hefting, allows students to use their sense of touch and estimation skills. For a more precise comparison, students can use an equal arm balance scale to weigh objects and confirm their findings.


Open-Ended Exploration

One of the most exciting aspects of this activity is its open-ended nature. There isn’t just one correct answer; students can experiment with various objects, making each discovery unique. This freedom encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving as students hypothesise, test, and verify their choices.


Learning Through Play

By turning the classroom into a lab of discovery, this worksheet fosters an engaging and playful environment for learning. Students develop a deeper understanding of mass, improve their estimation and comparison skills, and enjoy the process of scientific inquiry—all while having fun!


Download Your Free Worksheet Today

Ready to measure up and explore the fascinating world of mass with your students? Click the button below to download your free "Finding Objects with the Same Mass" worksheet from Smart Boarding School.

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