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Friends of 5

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Are you searching for a fun and interactive way to teach number bonds to kindergarten and year 1 students? Introducing the "Friends of 5" booklet, a free printable resource designed to help young learners master number bonds up to 5 through engaging activities. This 9-page booklet is packed with exercises that make learning maths both enjoyable and educational.


What is the "Friends of 5" Booklet?

The "Friends of 5" booklet is a comprehensive resource aimed at helping young students understand and practice number bonds that add up to 5. Each page offers a unique activity, encouraging students to use concrete materials to visualize and solve addition problems.


What's Inside the Booklet?

The booklet is designed with young learners in mind, providing a variety of hands-on activities to reinforce their understanding of number bonds. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect on each page:

  1. Introduction to Number Bonds: An introductory page explaining what number bonds are and how they work, with simple examples for students to follow.

  2. Matching Pairs: Activities where students draw lines between pairs of numbers that add up to 5.

  3. Block Towers: Students use blocks to build towers representing number bonds. For instance, they might build a tower with 5 blocks, where 4 blocks are blue, and 1 block is yellow. They then color in the blocks on the page to match their tower.

  4. Bear Counters: Using bear counters, students create and color in addition sums. For example, they may arrange 3 red bears and 2 blue bears to make 5, and then color the bears in their booklet.

  5. Drawing and Coloring: Activities where students draw objects (like apples or stars) to make sums that add up to 5 and color them accordingly.

  6. Number Bond Challenges: Fun challenges where students fill in missing numbers to complete number bonds up to 5.

  7. Story Problems: Simple story problems that require students to use number bonds to solve.

  8. Review and Practice: A page dedicated to reviewing all the number bonds to 5 they have learned.


Why Use the "Friends of 5" Booklet?

  • Interactive Learning: The booklet encourages the use of concrete materials like blocks and counters, helping students to visualize and understand number bonds.

  • Hands-On Activities: Each page is designed to be engaging and hands-on, making learning maths fun for young children.

  • Reinforces Key Concepts: Through repetitive practice and varied activities, students reinforce their understanding of number bonds to 5.

  • Encourages Creativity: Coloring and drawing activities allow students to express their creativity while learning.


Download Your Free "Friends of 5" Booklet

Ready to help your students master number bonds in a fun and interactive way? Download the "Friends of 5" booklet for free by clicking the button below and start exploring the world of number bonds with your young learners today!


The "Friends of 5" booklet is an excellent resource for teachers and parents looking to support their children's early maths education. With a variety of activities and hands-on learning opportunities, this booklet makes understanding number bonds enjoyable and effective. Happy learning!

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