Using Electricity

Written to be use on a smart board, this resource explains how electricity is used.

Energy is Everywhere

Children look around a virtual world and see where different energy is use.

What is Energy

A great introduction to what energy is.

Renewable & Non-Renewable

A great tutorial that outlines how energy can be made from renewable and non-renewable sources.

Interactive House

Investigate how energy is used in our houses, gardens, schools and bodies.

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How do we Make Electricity?

A great tutorial that explains in very simple terms how electricity is made.

What is Electricity?

A resource designed specifically for the smart board to promote class discussion and explain what electricity is.

How a Battery Works

A great explanation and demonstration on how a battery works.

Electrical Circuits

A great resource that investigates making electrical circuits.

Learning Circuits

A tutorial that explains sources of electricity and how electrical circuits are made.

Energy and Global Warming

An informative resource which investigates how our energy usage impacts our environment.

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