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Multiplication Boxes

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Are you looking for an engaging and interactive way to help your students master multiplication? Introducing Multiplication Boxes, a free print and play game designed for students in Year 2 through Year 6. This game makes learning multiplication fun and competitive, encouraging students to practice their skills in a dynamic way. You can download this free resource by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


What is Multiplication Boxes?

Multiplication Boxes is a hands-on game

that combines strategy and multiplication practice. The game involves spinning a number, finding the product on the game board, and connecting dots to form squares. It's perfect for reinforcing multiplication facts and enhancing problem-solving skills.


How to Play Multiplication Boxes

  1. Set Up:

    • Print the game board and spinner from the download link below.

    • Write each player’s name in the scoring box located in the bottom left corner of the game board.

  2. Spin the Number:

    • Use a paper clip and pencil or a spinner to spin a number on the number circle provided.

  3. Find the Product:

    • The player looks on the board for the product of the number spun and the multiplication focus for that game.

  4. Draw a Line:

    • The player draws a line to connect any two dots that form part of the square around the product.

  5. Close the Square:

    • When a player draws a line that closes a square, they put an X in the square and add a tally mark to their scoring box.

  6. If the Product is Not Available:

    • If the product of the spun number is no longer available on the board (it has been used up in previous turns), the player can choose where they want to draw their line.

  7. Winning the Game:

    • The game continues until all the dots have been connected. The player with the most tally marks at the end wins!


Educational Benefits of Multiplication Boxes

  • Reinforces Multiplication Facts:

    • By repeatedly finding and using products, students reinforce their knowledge of multiplication tables.

  • Encourages Strategic Thinking:

    • Players need to think strategically about where to place their lines to close squares and score points.

  • Promotes Collaborative Learning:

    • The game format encourages students to work together and learn from each other in a fun, competitive environment.

  • Hands-On Engagement:

    • This tactile game keeps students engaged and makes learning multiplication an enjoyable experience.


Features of Multiplication Boxes

  • Easy to Set Up:

    • Simply print the game board and spinner, and you’re ready to go.

  • Adaptable for Different Levels:

    • The game can be adapted for various difficulty levels by changing the multiplication focus.

  • Reusable Resource:

    • Laminating the game board and spinner ensures they can be used repeatedly in classroom centers or for individual practice.


Download Now

Ready to bring a fun and interactive multiplication game to your classroom? Click the button below to download Multiplication Boxes and start playing today! Bring excitement to your multiplication lessons with Multiplication Boxes. Watch as your students enhance their multiplication skills while having fun. Happy playing and learning!

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