The Colour Wheel

A fantastic tutorial that explains primary, secondary and tertiary colours, how we associate colour with feels and which colours complement each other.

Changing Primary Colours

A great tool to explain to children how adding white or 2 primary colours together can change the colour to a secondary colour.

What Colour is It?

Children are shown different coloured objects and then choose the correct colour from a list of 3 possible options.


4 games where children learn colour names, match the word to the colour, memory card game and move letters to spell colours.

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Primary Colours

A wonderful resource where children help Louis and his father to sort and use primary colours to make secondary colours.

Mixing Colours

A great resource which has 4 games for children to play that explain and look at mixing colours together to make new colours.

Bloople's Colours

Learn red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple with the Blooples by sorting the toys by their colour and finding blooples with the same colour.

Colour Sort

Sort the objects according to their colour by moving the objects into their corresponding boxes.

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